Idea goes green

20th January, 2010

Go green is the mantra of this decade. At a time when it is important for every individual to pitch in, Idea Cellular is one step ahead. In their latest TVC, brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan exhorts consumers to go green by using the mobile phone instead of paper.

Idea Cellular has always been known for its hard hitting, socially relevant advertisements and the latest ad is a testimonial to that. Developed by Lowe, Idea's creative agency, the new ad advocates the use of a mobile phone's value-added services to save paper and consequently protect the Earth. The new campaign abides by Idea's brand promise of providing a simple, fresh and imaginative solution to a complex problem. This ad is sixth in the series with the popular tag line - What an Idea, Sirji! The preceding campaigns addressed subjects such as caste war, disability, education, democracy and health.

The TVC demonstrates how a cell phone can be used to read newspapers, generate e-bills, make payments and transactions, issue e-tickets and boarding passes; thereby saving tonnes of paper everyday. The company also plans to launch a range of new value-added services to provide consumers with alerts on various utility services, thus reducing dependency on paper.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Pradeep Shrivastava, chief marketing officer, Idea Cellular said, "Environment as a subject touches all, but gets attention only at strategic forums. The common man gets to contribute little towards the cause, due to lack of direction and ideas. Hence, Idea Cellular has taken up the responsibility of educating the 500 million mobile phone users in the country. If they start using the mobile phone more judiciously, together we can make a significant contribution of saving paper, and therefore, the green cover necessary for the health of the planet."

Mr. Bachchan portrays the role of an agonised tree in this advert. The tree urges people to use the mobile phone in lieu of paper, and help protect the Earth. In the ad, as more and more people switch to their mobile screens, tree felling is reduced, and the Earth looks visibly greener. The agonised tree starts sprouting again and leaves the audience with a simple message - 'use mobile, save paper'.

The new campaign will be extensively seen across TV, print, digital and outdoor media space during the next few months. Clearly, saving the environment is Idea's next big idea!