Green Initiative

Dear Shareholder,

Ministry of Corporate Affairs ("MCA") vide its circulars dated 21st April, 2011 and 29th April, 2011 has taken a "Green Initiative in the Corporate Governance", thereby allowing companies to serve documents to its shareholders through electronic mode.

Environment conservation and sustainable development are continuously on your Company's radar and therefore your Company supports MCA in this initiative.
Accordingly, henceforth, we propose to send documents such as notices of general meeting(s), annual report and other communications to the shareholders through e-mail. Please note that all such documents shall be available on the company's website and shall also be kept open for inspection at the registered office of the company during office hours.

We solicit your valuable cooperation and support in our endeavor to contribute our bit to the environment. You are requested to please fill the details in the format provided below. Please note that fields marked '*' are mandatory to fill.

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In case there is any change in your e-mail Id or any other details, please e-mail us the details at or contact us. In case of shares held in electronic form, you are requested to inform your DP as well.

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