Useful Info

Useful Info

Useful information for the shareholders:
1. Equity shares of the Company are under compulsory demat trading by all investors, w.e.f. 5th April, 1999. Considering the advantages of scripless trading, shareholders are requested in their own interest to consider dematerialisation of their shareholding so as to avoid inconvenience in future.

2. Non- Resident Shareholders:
Non-resident members are requested to immediately notify the following to the Company in respect of shares held in physical form and to their DPs in respect of shares held in dematerialized form:

  • Indian address for sending all communications, if not provided earlier;
  • Email ID and Phone No. (s), if any.
  • Change in their residential status on return to India for permanent settlement;
  • Particulars of the Bank Account maintained with a bank in India, if not furnished earlier; (Please send a photocopy of cancelled cheque leaf)
  • RBI permission with date to facilitate prompt credit of dividend in their Bank Accounts.

3. Shareholders holding shares in physical form are requested to notify to the Company, change in their Address / Pin Code number with proof of address and Bank Account details promptly by written request. Beneficial Owners of shares in demat form are requested to send their instructions regarding change of name, bank details, nomination, power of attorney, etc., directly to their DP.

4. To prevent fraudulent encashment of dividend warrants, members are requested to provide their Bank Account details (if not provided earlier) to the Company (if shares are held in physical form) or to DP (if shares are held in demat form) as the case may be, for printing of the same on their dividend warrants.

5. In case of loss/misplacement of shares, investors should immediately lodge FIR/Complaint with the Police and inform to the Company along with original or certified copy of the FIR/Acknowledged copy of Police complaint.

6. In accordance with the provisions of Sec 56(1) of the Companies Act, 2013, shares are required to be lodged with a period of 60 days from the date of execution of instrument of transfer. For expeditious transfer of shares in physical form, shareholders should fill in complete and correct particulars in the transfer deed. Wherever applicable, registration number of Power of Attorney should also be quoted in the transfer deed at the appropriate place.

7. Shareholders are requested to keep record of their specimen signature before lodgement of shares with the Company to obviate the possibility of difference in signature at a later date.

8. Shareholders of the Company who have multiple accounts in identical name(s) or holding more than one Share Certificate in the same name under different Ledger Folio(s) in physical form are requested to apply for consolidation of such Folio(s) and sent the relevant Share Certificates to the Company.

9. Section 72 of the Companies Act, 2013, extends nominate on facility to individuals holding shares in physical form in companies. Shareholders, in particular, those holding shares in single name, may avail the above facility by furnishing the particulars of their nominations in the prescribed Nomination Form, which can be downloaded from the website of the Company or obtained from Karvy Computershare Private Limited the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent of the Company by sending written request through any mode including e-mail on

10. Shareholders are requested to visit the Company’s website for

  • Information on investor services offered by the Company.
  • Downloading of various forms/formats, viz., Nomination form, ECS Mandate form, Indemnity, Affidavits, etc.
  • Registering your e-mail ID with the Company to receive Notice of General Meetings, Audited Financial Statement, Directors’ Report, Auditors’ Report, etc., henceforth electronically.

11. NECS Facility:
In terms of a notification issued by the Reserve Bank of India, with effect from 1st October, 2009, remittance of Dividend through ECS is replaced by National Electronic Clearing Service (NECS). Banks have been instructed to move to the NECS platform. The advantages of NECS over ECS include faster credit of remittance to the beneficiary’s account, coverage of more bank branches and ease of operations. NECS essentially operates on the new and unique bank account number, allotted by bank post-implementation of Core Banking System of inward instructions and efficiency in handling bulk transactions..

To enable remittance of dividend through NECS, Members are requested to provide their new account number allotted to them by their respective banks after implementation of Core Banking Solution. The account number must be provided to the Company in respect of shares held in physical form and to the depository participants in respect of shares held in electronic form.

12. Correspondence with the Company:
Shareholders/Beneficial Owners are requested to quote their Folio No. /DP ID and Client ID, as the case may be, in all correspondence with the Company’s RTA - Karvy Computershare Private Limited, Registrar and Transfer Agents of the Company (Karvy) at Hyderabad . All correspondence regarding shares of the Company should be addressed to Karvy. Karvy has also designated an exclusive e-mail ID for effective investor’s services where they can register their complaints/queries to facilitate speedy and prompt redressal.

13. Cost Audit Reports
Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide its General Circular no. 8/2012 dated 10th May, 2012 as amended on 09th June, 2012 has mandated that all the Cost Auditors and their concerned companies shall file their Cost Audit Reports and Compliance Reports from the financial year 2011-12 onwards (including the overdue reports relating to any previous year ) in XBRL mode. For this purpose, the applicable taxonomy, business rules, validation tools etc. and also the Product Group classification required for preparing the Cost Audit Report and Compliance Reports as per the notified Cost Accounting Records Rules, 2011 and Cost Audit Report Rules, 2011 have been prescribed. Accordingly, in compliance with the above circular, the Company has filed the Cost Audit Report and Compliance Report for the financial year 2014-15 in XBRL mode.

Product Name and Address of Auditor
Indian Rayon, Veraval
Viscose Filament Yarn & Chemicals
M/s Ashwin Solanki & Associates
801-2, Goyal Trade Center, Above Sona Cinema,
Shantivan, Borivali (E),
Mumbai- 400 066, Reg M. No.20602
Indo Gulf Fertilisers, Jagdishpur
M/s K. G .Goyal & Associates
289, Mahaveer Nagar - II,
Maharani Farms, Durgapura,
Jaipur- 302 018. Reg. M. No. 10884
Jaya Shree Textiles,
Rishra Textiles (Worsted Yarn)
M/s R .Chakraborty & Co.,
18, N.S. Road, 3rd Floor,
Room No.10, Kolkata- 700 001.
Reg. M. No. 24403
Aditya Birla Insulators
Halol & Rishra Insulators
FF-57, Suryakiran Complex Old Padra Road,
Vadodara -  390 015 Reg M. No.7113

14. Unclaimed Shares in Physical Form
Regulation 39 (4) of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements), 2015 provides the manner of dealing with the shares issued in physical form pursuant to a public issue or any other issue and which remains unclaimed with the Company. In compliance with the provisions of the said Clause, the Company has sent three reminders under Registered Post to the Shareholders whose share certificates were returned undelivered and are lying unclaimed. In case your shares are lying unclaimed with the Company, you are requested to claim the same by writing a letter to the Company.

A report in respect of the Equity Shares issued in physical form pursuant to a public issue or any other issue and lying in the ABNL- Unclaimed Suspense Account as on 31st March , 2016 is as under:-

Sr. No Description Number of Shareholders Number of Equity Shares
1 Aggregate number of shareholders and the outstanding shares lying in the Unclaimed Suspense Account as at 1st April, 2015 5,423 1,78,286
2 Number of shareholders who have approached  the  issuer  for  transfer of shares from the Unclaimed Suspense Account during the year 22 910
3 Number  of  shareholders  to  whom  shares  were  transferred  from  the Unclaimed Suspense Account during the year 22 910
4. Aggregate number of shareholders and the outstanding shares lying in the Unclaimed Suspense Account as at 31st March, 2016 5,401 1,77,376

15. Plant Locations:

Rayon Division:
Indian Rayon Compound

Veraval - 362 266, Gujarat
Phone: (02876) 245711/248401
Textile Division:
Jaya Shree Textiles
P.O. Prabhas Nagar - 712 249
Dist Hooghly, West Bengal
Phone: (033) 26001200
Insulator Division:
Aditya Birla Insulators, Rishra
P.O. Prabhas Nagar, Rishra
Dist. Hoogly 712 249, West Bengal
Phone: (033) 26723535
Insulator Division:
Aditya Birla Insulators, Halol
P.O. Meghasar Taluka, Halol
Dist. Panchmahal, Gujarat - 389330
Phone: (02676) 221002
Fertiliser Division:
Indo Gulf Fertilisers
P.O. Jagdishpur Industrial Area
Dist.  Amethi  – 227 817, Uttar Pradesh,
Phone: (05361) 270032-38

16. Investor Correspondence:

Registered Office:
Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited
Indian Rayon Compound,
Veraval - 362 266
Phone: (02876) 243257
Registrar & Share Transfer Agent:
Karvy Computershare Private Limited
Unit: Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited
Karvy Selenium Tower B, Plot 31-32, Gachibowli,
Financial District, Nanakramguda,
Hyderabad – 500 032